Getting Started

What is this website?
Robuxland is a platform that allows you to earn ROBUX without paying any money.
Most methods that promise you free ROBUX are scams! ROBUX costs real life money to purchase and cannot be generated by hacks or exploits like many scammers might try to convince you.

How is this legit?
So, how and why do we give away millions of ROBUX to users? The reason is because we show and get paid for advertisements when you access our website.
To earn ROBUX on our website you may complete surveys, watch ads, download mobile apps & games or participate in our community giveaways. By doing this, we get paid from the surveys and ads that you view, and we split our earnings with you in the form of ROBUX that we purchase from suppliers with the ad revenue we receive.

Is this website free to use?
Our website is free-to-use and always will be!

Do you need my Robuxland Password?
Never! We don't need your Robuxland password or any of your personal information. However, when you sign up to our website you may be asked to create a new password for your Robuxland account.

Why should I use your website?
- We pay more than other websites
- We restock our ROBUX very quickly
- We host frequent giveaways for large amounts of ROBUX
- We have more diverse methods to earn ROBUX than most other websites

How do I earn ROBUX?
You can earn R$ by entering your Robuxland username to sign up. Once you have an active account, begin earning! Check out your current offers: you'll see many sections to choose from, such as Survey R$, Fun R$, Easy R$, and more. You can earn R$ in all of these sections! If you don't see anything you are interested in completing, keep checking back -- the offers are regularly updated.

How do I withdraw R$?
Follow the steps below to withdraw R$ into your Robuxland account:

1. Go to the "withdraw" page
2. Enter the amount of R$ you want, then click "withdraw"
3. A popup will appear, choose your Robuxland Username and click confirm
4. You will be asked to join a group, join the group then confirm to receive your R$

When do you restock R$?
We try to keep our website constantly stocked. When there is delays we usually stock our website within 24 hours from time of the last payout. If we are out of stock, please don't email or contact us for support, we will be aware of the problem and work to fix it as soon as possible.